Introduction of the function of the insertion force test mac

The insertion force tester is suitable for the insertion force and pullout force test of various connectors. With the patented automatic centering device, the fully accurate insertion force test can be obtained. The WINDOWS, Windows Chinese screen setting is simple. Convenient and all materials can be stored. The function of the insertion and extraction machine:
1. Solve the fixture problems of various connector tests, and the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned during the test, there will be no unilateral problems.
2. With the dynamic impedance test system, you can test the dynamic impedance while testing the insertion force and draw the "load-stroke-impedance curve".
3. This machine is suitable for the insertion force and pull-out force test of various connectors. It provides a variety of connector-specific clamps and an automatic self-centering device with a patented design, which will give a completely accurate insertion force test.
4.WINDOWS Chinese window version software screen settings.
5. All data can be stored (test conditions, plug stroke graph, life curve graph, inspection report, etc.)
Test items 
1. Connector single hole insertion test.
2. Connector plug life test.
3. Connector Normal Force test.
4. Various compression and tensile failure strength tests.
5. Connector whole row insertion test.
6. Connector single Pin and plastic retention test.
7. Can be connected to the contact impedance machine at the same time.
8. (Dynamic Impedance Test System)
Plug and pull test machine features:
1. Test conditions can be set by the computer and can be stored. Check the settings from the drop-down menu or enter the data directly. (including test category, measurement motion direction, load measurement range, stroke measurement range, stroke origin position, stroke origin detection, measurement speed, total number of measurements, pause time, each waiting position, air pressure number).
2. It can store and print graphics (load-stroke graph, load decay life graph, inspection report).
3. The load protection function of the load cell ensures that the load cell will not be damaged.
4. Simultaneously display the load-stroke curve and the life curve.
5. The automatic load zero is detected, and the origin can be set to detect the load value.
6. The load unit shows that N, lb, gf, and kgf can be switched freely.
7. Can be combined with several load cells at the same time: 2kgf, 5kgf, 20kgf, 50kgf, 200kgf, 500kgf (optional one)
8. The machine adopts high-strength steel structure design and servo motor. It can ensure accuracy under long-term use, and is suitable for general indexing, compression test, and plug-in force life test.
9. The over-spec value is stopped. (In the life test, the test data exceeds the setting above the lower limit specification value and the machine automatically stops).
10. Measurement items: maximum load value, peak value, valley value, stroke load value, load stroke value, insertion point resistance value (optional), load or stroke resistance value.