Fuse Series

Update time:2019-06-25 13:41


Applicable wires:22~18AWG
Temperature range:-25℃~85℃
Voltage rating:250V AC,DC Max.
Current rating:5A AC,DC Max.
Current resistance:≤10M Ω
Insulation resistance:≥1000M Ω
Withstanding voltage:2000V AC/minute

*Temperature range:(including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
*Compliant with RoHS.


Prat No. Material Thickness Applicable Wires Wire insulation
O.D. mm
Plating Q'ty/reel
AWG# mm²
TM5000A-0102 Brass 0.3 22-18 0.33-0.75 1.7-2.8 Tin Plated 10K
TM6000A-0102 Brass 0.3 18-14 0.75-2.5 2.8-4.0 Tin Plated 5K

Prat No. Material Q'ty/bag
H500M-0101 PA66 1K
H500M-0201 1K


Applicable wires: 18~14AWG
Temperature range: -25℃~85℃
(including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
Voltage rating: 300V AC,DC Max.
Current rating: 10A AC,DC Max.
Current resistance: ≤10M Ω
Insulation resistance: ≥1000M Ω
Withstanding voltage: 2000V AC/minute
*Compliant with RoHS.

Prat No. Material Q'ty/bag
H600M-0101 PA66 1K
H600M-0201 1K